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The premier Shotcrete contractor for the Pacific Northwest!

Shotcrete Services has become known for its expertise in sprayed concrete design and construction leading to the development of multiple sprayed concrete applications. Our ACI certified nozzzleman can provide overhead and vertical shotcrete applications to your next project!

Our team is trained and dedicated to an innovative and quality delivery for your project. Tackling a diverse range of projects, including architectural needs to emergency repair or stabilization, you can count on Robinson Concrete Pumping to deliver a quality certified shotcrete product when compared to our competitors!

What is Shotcrete you might ask?

Shotcrete has been described as not only a material provided, but a process as well utilizing both wet and dry applications to produce a material with significant harder properties compared to high quality conventional concrete. Such properties can include increased hardness, low permeability and significant durability!

While Shotcrete may appear similar to conventional cast-in-place concrete, shotcrete offers excellent bonding with most substrates either instantly or in a rapid fashion, especially when conformed to shapes or complex forms. Such properties of either application, dry or wet, can be further enhanced with different additives such as:

  • Silica Fume — Provides reduced permeability, increased compressive and flexural strength, increased resistance to alkali and chemical attack, improved resistance to water washout, reduced rebound levels, and allows for thicker single pass applications;
  • Air-Entraining Admixtures — Improve pumpability and adhesion in wet-process shotcrete and freeze-thaw durability in both wet and dry processes;
  • Fibers — Control cracking, increase toughness values, improve impact resistance and energy absorption; and
  • Accelerators — Improve placement characteristics in adverse conditions, allow for thicker single pass applications, increase production capabilities, and reduce the occurrence of fallouts on structures subjected to vibration.

Certification is Important!

Certification by the American Shotcrete Association ensures you, as a customer, can have peace of mind that the job will be performed correctly, with the appropriate personnel and equipment. Click below to find out more about the American Shotcrete Association!

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Shotcrete application

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